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Sponsorship   - Underwriting Guidelines and Agreement

Hillman Community Radio uses volunteers and fund-raising to operate the station. We are listener supported and depend on you to keep us on the air. We provide local content including sporting events, plays, music, meetings and other community-oriented programming. It is imperative that we raise funds each year in order to keep bringing local residents the information that they need and desire!

Expenditures include general operations, rent, phones, electric, music copyright, office supplies, equipment and equipment upgrades, and general personnel.


We welcome and appreciate any and all donations to keep our station running! Please send donations to the following address:

Hillman Community Radio
PO Box 256
Hillman MI 49746

Remember donations can be more than just cash! Donations of office space or just your time would be appreciated!


Grants are a major portion of our revenue. Grants are pursued for general operations and for specific programming. If you wish to assist with our grant-seeking activities, please contact us at:

Fundraiser & Underwriting

On-air fundraisers are held twice a year. Please listen for these events and donate. Even a little helps!

Get your business or organization name out on the airwaves! We are seeking sponsors for our programs. If you would like your business or organization to become a program sponsor, please contact us at



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Hello Hillman and Surrounding Area!

We are glad to see you are exploring the possibility of underwriting Hillman Community Radio 97.3 WXHR-LP FM. This information is designed to show how you or your business and our radio station can both benefit. Please take your time and read the information below. Feel free to direct any questions to our staff, ready to serve you at: 989-742-2782

What is Underwriting?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allows businesses to underwrite or fund programs on stations like WXHR-LP FM, but it does not allow commercial advertising. WXHR-LP FM, also known as Hillman Community Radio, depends on underwriting donations from businesses like yours and individuals to defray operating costs, as well as equipment purchases and repairs. Unlike many other non-commercial stations, we do not receive funding from state or federal government.

Underwriting is highly similar to commercial advertising, but differs in a few very important areas. The FCC forbids announcements that issue a "call to action." This means statements like "stop in, shop here, call, call now, limited time only, mention WXHR-LP FM," are not allowed. Underwriter announcements also may not contain "qualitative words." Qualitative words such as largest selection, newest model, best in town, finest selection and state of the art are prohibited.

Finally, announcements may not mention or give reference to "prices." References such as free, sale, discount, clearance, reduced, going out of business sale, and liquidation, are prohibited by the FCC.

Underwriting announcements on WXHR-LP FM are required to follow all FCC regulations.

Our Enhanced Underwriting Announcements:

• identify but do not promote.
• do not call to action.
• use value neutral language.
• do not mention prices.
• can be produced in 10 to 30 second pre-recorded announcements.

Enhanced Underwriting Announcements on WXHR-LP FM are recorded by our production staff. Underwriting announcements that are not recorded by WXHR-LP FM are not accepted. WXHR-LP actuates final editorial control over each underwriting announcement.

Announcements may include information which identifies but does not promote the underwriter including:

• the name of the underwriter.
• the underwriter's products and/or services.
• the underwriter's corporate slogan (as long as it is not a promotional statement, like "Get Met, It Pays")
• the location of the underwriter's business.
• the underwriter's telephone number, website, and email address

Enhanced Underwriting Announcements on WXHR-LP 97.3 FM may not:

• be a commercial.
• include a call to action.
• use qualitative language.
• mention any prices.
• endorse a product or service.

(Some examples of announcement text are included to inform the business or individual.)

Why your business should underwrite WXHR Hillman Community Radio:

Your support of non-commercial radio is vital to maintaining the quality of programming and services you and other listeners in the Hillman area need from 97.3 FM, WXHR-LP FM.

How can underwriting benefit your business?

While underwriting is not commercial advertising, it can provide your firm with some of the same benefits plus some that commercial advertising can't offer. Research indicates that Low Power community radio can be an excellent public relations tool. Listeners have a positive image of companies that support Low Power radio and report their purchasing decisions are influenced by such underwriting support.

Target and reach a select audience.

Because of the wide variety of programming done on WXHR Hillman Community Radio, the listeners are a diversified group of people who share many common interest and life styles. WXHR-LP FM provides programs for groups ranging from most all ages, many of these age groups have been abandoned by commercial stations. Senior citizens have above-average disposable incomes. They support businesses that support them.

Kids and college students are still establishing their purchasing patterns. WXHR-LP FM can help you reach all of those audiences.

Demonstrate your community concern.

Your support of WXHR-LP FM shows you are interested in contributing to the quality of life in Hillman and surrounding area.

Expand awareness of your name and presence.

Business awareness is expanded every time your mentioned on WXHR-LP 97.3 FM. The best thing, with the diverse programming on 97.3 Hillman Community Radio you will reach many types of listeners due to multiple formats.

Expand your businesses image.

Your image is enhanced by your association with non-commercial community radio. You will be joining other fine businesses that support our quality radio programming.

Tax Benefits.

WXHR-LP 97.3 FM is a non-profit, non-commercial, radio station. We are a 501 (C3) corporation. Any contribution is tax deductible. Consult your tax preparer.

Increase your opportunities for your business or personal name!

Advertise your association with WXHR-LP FM, the Hillman areas first Low Power FM radio station, in other media (newspapers, internet, etc.) Advertising that your business is the sponsor of one of the many popular programs on WXHR-LP FM, or a station event, is an excellent way to increase the public's awareness of your business. It is a strong statement about your company's contribution to our community's well being.

The following are examples of permitted and prohibited underwriting announcements for your reference:

PROHIBITED ANNOUNCEMENTS: "Portions of the broadcast day on WXHR-LP FM are underwritten by Speedy Lube, where you can now get a 10-point oil change and lube for the unbelievably low price of just $12.99. So come on down to 115 Main Street for fast, reliable service and a free gift."

PERMITTED ANNOUNCEMENT: "This portion of WXHR-LP FM's broadcast day is underwritten by Speedy Lube, located at 115 Main Street in Hillman. Speedy Lube provides oil changes using Quaker state lubricants, tune-ups, and other minor vehicle maintenance services. Our thanks to Speedy Lube of Hillman. 989-742-xxxx.

ANALYSIS: The first text mentions price and contains two calls to action. It contains statements which include qualitative statements. The second text identifies the sponsor, the sponsor's address, telephone number, product line, and establishes a relationship to the program. The second text is permitted by the FCC.


Length of an Announcement
Underwriting announcements are not to exceed 30 seconds.

Casinos, Lotteries pay to win
Underwriting by these as gambling activity or lotteries or any activity which violates State and/or Federal statutes is not permitted.

Legal Alcoholic Beverages
Underwriting by distributors or processors of alcoholic beverages and distilled spirits, including wine, are permitted provided there is no exclusion by any State or Federal statute. However, announcements may not describe products and must be written and presented in a prudent manner.

Religious Entities, Affiliated Organizations
Religious groups, churches and/or affiliated groups may provide underwriting. Care must be exercised in that not all beliefs are shared by everyone and any view should be presented in a moderating and non-provoking manner. Underwriting messages and program content should be presented (admittedly subjective) in a way that would not be unacceptable to those who may not necessarily share those views. A language which is proselytizing or which creates distinctions between different religions is not permitted.

Governments, Governmental Agencies or Branches
Underwriting by politically driven or policy-oriented governments, or by individuals employed by governments, will not be accepted. However, underwriting by government funded organizations and/or agencies which promote public education, tourism or commerce will be excepted.

Groups of Advocacy
Under certain circumstances and under appropriate conditions, underwriting may be accepted. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis with a test of a 'reasonable listener standard' applied. This is presumed to be an activity by an organization or group which seeks to influence elements of public concern either by or through the legislative process. Announcements expressing an opinion on publicly known controversial matters may be rejected.

Final Editorial Control and Responsibility
This radio station, acting in respect of the terms of its license, maintains and actuates final editorial control over all programming and is likewise held accountable by the FCC. Every effort will be made to conform to existing FCC guidelines. For more information, go to the web at .


Hillman Community Radio is a non-profit, non-commercial low power FM radio station that will provide diverse radio programming that is of interest to Hillman and the surrounding area. That includes public events, school events, news about the local and regional area, any programming that may interest the greater Hillman area.

Hillman Community Radio is a 100 watt LPFM station that can broadcast to the Hillman area. In the future, Hillman Community Radio will also stream some programming so that anyone in the world that may be interested in Hillman, or has a connection to the area, can listen to the broadcast online.

We urge interested persons to get involved with Hillman Community Radio and help provide the diverse programming that Hillman and the surrounding area are interested in!

Thank you!